Darkest Dawn
20 November 2014 @ 08:43 pm


"The Slaughterhouse Rules"

Warnings: livestock slaughtering, gardening, meat-eating, multiplying chickens, flour sack babies, new NPCs, and pink overload.

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Darkest Dawn
22 May 2014 @ 03:33 pm


"Back To The Barnyard"

Warnings: births, deaths, fires, disasters, stink, hissy fits, a whole lot of pink, and a new NPC.

Watcher Take The Wheel )



Darkest Dawn
20 June 2012 @ 09:16 pm

Warnings: farm animal fondling, water contamination, half-naked gardening, burnt meals, and quite possibly, way too many pictures then are necessary.
Ding, Dang, Y'all )Notes: My first real update! I'm excited, are you excited? I should start off by saying that I'm playing per season, not by "weeks" so each update will be 5 days, not 7. This makes more sense to me since I didn't want overlapping seasons. (Idea stolen from mswn.) The four seasons make up one year (duh). Since this is the first year, but not yet a whole year, I am considering it "Year Zero." After this year is over it will be "Year One" and so on; kind of like if it was on a calendar. Hopefully that makes some kind of sense. It does to me, but then again I'm strange. My hood is a tropical hood so even though I have the seasons in game set to Spring, Summer, Summer, Fall, I am still calling them Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter (I live in Southern California and our Winters are more like the game's Fall anyway.)
Credits: Most of the credit goes to nepheris, maranatah, chickadeelee and mswn from whom I stole many ideas on how to play my version of this BACC. The Goodacre's farm animals are by Rebeccah and can be found here. Barn and barnyard design stolen from meetme2theriver.
Darkest Dawn
12 June 2012 @ 07:22 pm

This little interlude is just an outtake before the BACC really starts. Instead of the usual "town meeting" I decided to let them have the just-off-the-spaceship experience of a "meet and greet" before they wander off to their respective homes. So, I teleported them all into an empty lot and let them have at it from 8am to sundown. Here are the results.
Warning: lots of smooching, ass-grabbery, embarrassment, and disapproval. Proceed with caution.
So I'm just kicking it. I'm counting the days. I anticipate us making out. )
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