20 July 2017 @ 05:14 pm
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15 July 2017 @ 01:33 am
Last Time: Lee gave birth to twins, Ira and Kevin. One of the co-heirs, Eb, proved that he and his wife, Neve, were meant to be thanks to their ditzy natures, while other co-heir, Marley, proved he and his husband, Lee, were meant to be simply because they couldn't stop macking. Eb and Neve's daughter, Zoe, was adorable and liked attention and the color blue.

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14 July 2017 @ 02:52 pm

Last Time: Um, oops, almost a year ago... Anyway, life went on pretty normally for this family, which means Katlin had some aspiration fails and our two dueling possible heirs, Selena and Juliana, took the dueling to a literal level at times. Poor founder Tatiana was just trying to hold things together and waiting for the day when her children headed off to college.
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