20 August 2016 @ 02:42 pm
Lambswool -- Winter 01  


"The Brave Little Seamstress"

Warnings: self-sims, murderous cats, vandalism, teleporting nannies, fire, toddler surgery, and old TV and movie references.

Previously on The Oceanside Project: [Spring 01] [Summer 01] [Fall 01]

Sunday, Day 14

"The Column Is A Lie"

LambswoolW01 001

LambswoolW01 002

Winter arrives at the Lambswool Nectary.

LambswoolW01 025

Up early, potholder seamstress extraordinaire, Dawn Lambswool potty trains her second-born tot, Henry...

LambswoolW01 037

While her hubby, chef and restaurant owner George, makes breakfast.

LambswoolW01 039

Which she scarfs down elegantly.

LambswoolW01 045

Henry is never too far from his twin, Bianca.

LambswoolW01 015

Oldest son Antonio snoozes lazily on the rug...

LambswoolW01 016

and Twins 2.0 Oscar...

LambswoolW01 017

and Gianna are forgotten about until they start screaming bloody murder.

LambswoolW01 050

Zod: Let us not forget the ruler of this realm -- I, General Zod Ravenclaw the Destroyer!

And their evil villain mastermind kitty is farting around too.

LambswoolW01 051

Zod: I will destroy this fabricated world one decorative column at a time!

Could you just lie around and look cute like every other cat in existence please?

LambswoolW01 054

George: BAD KITTY!!! Don't scratch the columns!

Zod: You know nothing Human! The column is a lie!!

LambswoolW01 060

Dawn sneaks away to have some time to herself and read the paper. Now that Beckett Graham is the sole contributor to Oceanside Today it has become livelier with his scathing reviews of local businesses. Dawn loves all of the drama.

LambswoolW01 049

LambswoolW01 062

LambswoolW01 063

After reading the review of Diego's Dance Academy -- in which Beckett calls it "a den filled with overweight politicians and desperate housewives gyrating in unison for Diego's amusement" -- Dawn heads to her sewing room to work on that elusive bronze sewing badge.

LambswoolW01 069

LambswoolW01 071

LambswoolW01 072

LambswoolW01 076

While Dawn works Dad is on potty and diaper duty.

LambswoolW01 079

LambswoolW01 081

Garden Club Member and Crimson Crab employee Tiara Hough strolls by...

LambswoolW01 074

and does not go unnoticed.

LambswoolW01 075

Zod: Heeeeere's Johnny!!!

LambswoolW01 085

LambswoolW01 088


Tiara: I think there's an gas leak somewhere.

LambswoolW01 090

LambswoolW01 097

LambswoolW01 098

LambswoolW01 101

George tends to his vineyard before heading to work. Nectar-making is just a hobby for George but he hopes to one day turn it into a simoleon-making venture.

LambswoolW01 103

Henry, Antonio, and Bianca bond at the art table in the basement.

LambswoolW01 106

LambswoolW01 107

LambswoolW01 110

With the babies locked away in the basement Dawn resumes teaching herself how to play the piano.

LambswoolW01 113

Zod even joins in with his own melody.

Zod: Those... were... the... daaaaaays!

LambswoolW01 114

*Art Table Besties*

LambswoolW01 115

LambswoolW01 116

LambswoolW01 117

LambswoolW01 121

LambswoolW01 124

LambswoolW01 128

LambswoolW01 129

LambswoolW01 138

Dawn takes a quick shower...

LambswoolW01 142

and grabs some left-over comfort soup.

LambswoolW01 150

Our favorite evil villain unwittingly lures farmer Owen Goodacre into playing tickle monster with him.

Zod: I will destroy this tickle monster and then I will destroy you hat-wearing buffoon!

LambswoolW01 153

LambswoolW01 156

And it's back to potholder hell. Hopefully Dawn will be able to sell these to Noelee's second-hand store Second Life. She's only made 300,000 of these damn things, gotta find something useful to do with them.

LambswoolW01 159

As the wannabe murderous attack kitty eats his lunch...

LambswoolW01 162

a true foe darkens the Lambswool's doorstep!

LambswoolW01 163

Rocky Kotsomiti, Oceanside's bubble juice kingpin, is sick and tired of George monopolizing all of his minions' time working at that two-bit restaurant that he owns. Every time he needs Bruce or Tiara to rough somebody up they say they can't because they "have to work."

LambswoolW01 167

Rocky already lost Heaven Gallo to those pompous Landgraabs. He's not going to lose any more of his crew!

LambswoolW01 168

Rocky: Muhahahahaha!!!!

*eye roll*

LambswoolW01 174

Little did Rocky know that Dawn heard the commotion and rushed outside. You're busted this time, dude.

Dawn: Are you trying to kill us all with the roach flu? I am best friends with Malcolm Landgraab, buddy. You just fucked with the wrong sim!

LambswoolW01 176

Rocky: Run for your life!!!

Dawn: Yeah, you better run! *mumbles* Stupid bubble-head.

LambswoolW01 177

After Dawn saves her family from certain death...

LambswoolW01 179

she introduces herself to passerby Abbot Moulden. With his sense of style Dawn just had to strike up a conversation.

LambswoolW01 181

Dawn: You are absolutely the best dressed sim on the whole island. You should totally write the fashion column for Oceanside Today!

LambswoolW01 183

Abbot respectfully declines Dawn's suggestion. His focus is solely on his bots.

LambswoolW01 184

LambswoolW01 186

LambswoolW01 198

Dawn heads inside to make a nice cup of tea and relax.

LambswoolW01 204

That is until the babies start stinking up the basement so badly that she has to come downstairs to lecture them.

*Who does that?*

LambswoolW01 206

*Shh* It's Cindy Lou Killeen! Pretend like you're not home!

LambswoolW01 208

Cindy Lou: That's weird, the door's locked. How will I curb my hunger for babies?

LambswoolW01 211

Cindy Lou: I'll just teleport into the nectar cellar. Do-de-do!


Just as Cindy Lou is defying the laws of physics...

LambswoolW01 212

Antonio is potty trained!!


LambswoolW01 215

Meanwhile, Cindy Lou heads to the sewing room where one of the toddlers left Mr. Brown Bear.

Cindy Lou: Mr. Brown Bear, will I ever have a child of my own to love and care for?

LambswoolW01 216

Cindy Lou: What do you mean, No? I'll gouge your bloody eyeballs out!

Oh My God, get this fucking woman out of my house!!!

LambswoolW01 220

LambswoolW01 221

LambswoolW01 222

It's Antonio's day!!

LambswoolW01 224

LambswoolW01 225

While Dawn takes care of the babies...

LambswoolW01 226

Cindy Lou bonds with Henry.

LambswoolW01 233

She even takes him to the potty. At least she's being helpful?

LambswoolW01 235

LambswoolW01 236

Woot!! George hardly makes any money though. I'm almost thinking he should quit and work the restaurant everyday instead.

LambswoolW01 243

George potty trains Bianca...

LambswoolW01 247

then sits down to watch the telly.

LambswoolW01 249

Dawn: Who dis? And why is she DRINKING MY TEA!?

LambswoolW01 250

Dawn not-so-kindly tells Cindy Lou to GTFO...

LambswoolW01 256

then heads to bed.

LambswoolW01 257

Monday, Day 15

"That's What You Get"

LambswoolW01 006

LambswoolW01 008

LambswoolW01 013

LambswoolW01 014

George and Dawn try to squeeze in cuddle time before having to deal with their brood.

LambswoolW01 021

LambswoolW01 022

LambswoolW01 023

Both parents start the day feeding and changing the youngest Lambswools.

LambswoolW01 025

LambswoolW01 035

While Zod starts his day stealing the bed from George and Dawn.

Zod: Ahhh, the bed is still warm...

LambswoolW01 040

LambswoolW01 042

George pays his Monday taxes...

LambswoolW01 046

LambswoolW01 048

Then heads to Baked to buy the twins' birthday cakes!

LambswoolW01 049

LambswoolW01 052

As soon as he walks in he's hit by the wonderful aroma of freshly baked goods.

LambswoolW01 058

When Paragon Barrett first opened his bakery George was a little fearful of the lost cake revenue from the other Oceansidians. Now that it's here however, George is glad he doesn't have all of the extra work. The restaurant is a lot by itself.

LambswoolW01 064

After buying the cakes...

LambswoolW01 065

George heads to The Crimson Crab to open for lunch.

LambswoolW01 066

LambswoolW01 068

Musician Kendrick Troubadour...

LambswoolW01 074

Natural Scientist Yasmin Onnen...

LambswoolW01 076

and beautician Brodie Mason are the first guests.

LambswoolW01 084

Hostess Tiara shows the customers to their seats...

LambswoolW01 085

in her usual goofy manner.

LambswoolW01 105

LambswoolW01 107

LambswoolW01 109

George is spitting out orders as fast as waiter Bruce Jelleff can take them!

LambswoolW01 112

Kendrick orders the fried chicken...

LambswoolW01 114

and Yaz orders a... Pop Tart? I know you're kind of a vegetarian but why go to a restaurant for a Pop Tart?

LambswoolW01 124

Brodie finally decides on Chirashi.

LambswoolW01 126

Next for lunch is scientist Achilles Brook...

LambswoolW01 127

and Rocky.

LambswoolW01 130

Tiara: Gotta go, Heaven, The Boss is here. He's so pissed that you quit the GC!

LambswoolW01 132

LambswoolW01 138

George is so impressed with Bruce's work as of late that he decides to give him a little raise. Now he's fairly paid *snickers*.

LambswoolW01 147

Rocky: Long time, no see, Bruce...

LambswoolW01 143

Bruce: It's not my fault, Boss! George is a slave driver. I always have to be here!

LambswoolW01 148

Rocky: I'll take care of him...

LambswoolW01 150

LambswoolW01 151

Bruce: Here you go, Boss. This was made especially for you!

LambswoolW01 152

HA! Maybe George overhead your conversation...

LambswoolW01 155

Rocky: I think there's rotten cheese in this!

LambswoolW01 157

George: That's what you get for knocking over my trash, Asshat!


LambswoolW01 158

LambswoolW01 163

Closing time.

LambswoolW01 164

Rocky: I expect to see you tonight. There's a lot we need to discuss.

Bruce: *shakily* S-s-sure Boss.

LambswoolW01 167

George praises Tiara for all of her hard work...

LambswoolW01 174

then heads home.

Meanwhile, back at Arkham Asylum the house...

LambswoolW01 179

Zod: *dreams* Who is the sexiest mother-fucka in this joint? That’s right, ME, mother-fuckas!!

LambswoolW01 187

A very blue Lars Shadow delivers the mail.

LambswoolW01 181

Dawn continues sewing potholders *yawn*.

LambswoolW01 189


LambswoolW01 192


LambswoolW01 198

Dawn takes a break from mad potholder-making to feed the kitty.

LambswoolW01 199

LambswoolW01 200

LambswoolW01 201

LambswoolW01 203

The Wonder Twins are apparently having the Best Week Ever.

LambswoolW01 206

LambswoolW01 207

LambswoolW01 209

Zod: Is this WEIGHT CONTROL Meow Chow!!?? Is she calling me fat??!! Insufferable humans!!!!

LambswoolW01 212

LambswoolW01 213

LambswoolW01 215

LambswoolW01 217

LambswoolW01 219

LambswoolW01 221

The Lambswool art wall continues to grow.

LambswoolW01 235

George returns home from the restaurant...

LambswoolW01 241

and goes straight to bed.

LambswoolW01 244

Dawn's not far behind him.

LambswoolW01 246

LambswoolW01 250

Tuesday, Day 16

"There's An App For That"

LambswoolW01 010

Early morning bliss...

LambswoolW01 009

Henry: I'mstinkyanddirtychangemenow!!!!!!

LambswoolW01 011

...and they're up.

LambswoolW01 018

Mr. Brown Bear is starting to look really worn but Bianca loves him anyway.

LambswoolW01 023

While George takes care of the kids, Dawn tries to impress him with a shrimp gumbo breakfast.

LambswoolW01 026

Instead she sets the whole kitchen on fire!

LambswoolW01 025

LambswoolW01 028

Luckily former firefighter George equipped his home with one of those new-fangled fire alarms!

LambswoolW01 031

Dawn: *girly screams*

LambswoolW01 035

New firefighter Daisy Dalpozzo bursts onto the scene.

LambswoolW01 039

The only thing Dawn can do is stand by and watch as the flames devour her stove!

LambswoolW01 042

Then all of a sudden, Daisy barges in, extinguisher in hand, and lays waste to the flames!

LambswoolW01 048

Maybe it's still good?

LambswoolW01 051

Knowing how low the firefighters are paid -- even though they risk their lives everyday -- Dawn tips Daisy §100 for saving their home.

LambswoolW01 054

LambswoolW01 055

LambswoolW01 061

LambswoolW01 049

Thankfully George and the babies never knew the danger they were in!

LambswoolW01 065

LambswoolW01 067

LambswoolW01 070

LambswoolW01 073

She's collecting them, OK!

LambswoolW01 075

LambswoolW01 082

Dawn resumes potholding...

LambswoolW01 083

while George veges out in front of the TV.

LambswoolW01 085

LambswoolW01 089

LambswoolW01 090

It's birthday party time! Dawn calls the usual suspects and their tots for the twins' transition to toddlerhood.

LambswoolW01 093

George lays out the cakes bought from Baked...

LambswoolW01 094

and begins cooking fried chicken for the party guests.

LambswoolW01 095

LambswoolW01 096

LambswoolW01 099

LambswoolW01 101

The party just got started and already Owen is crying like a baby and Heaven Gallo, current Landgraab Nanny, is worrying about the children.

LambswoolW01 108

Faith Goodacre finds Mr. Brown Bear.

LambswoolW01 109

The crying and worrying stops when Dawn distracts Heaven and Owen's wife, Becca Goodacre, gives him cuddles.

LambswoolW01 110

Matisse Troubadour and SO Kent Healey get flirty...

LambswoolW01 112

while Kendrick terrifies Vivian Landgraab with his dance moves.

LambswoolW01 122

It wouldn't be a party without someone contaminating the water supply. This time it's Cindy Lou and her wife, Angie Killeen.

LambswoolW01 124

LambswoolW01 127


LambswoolW01 128

George gets the party started with some mixed drinks.

LambswoolW01 133

LambswoolW01 153

It's cake time!

LambswoolW01 158

LambswoolW01 160

LambswoolW01 171

Gianna's first.

LambswoolW01 180

LambswoolW01 182

LambswoolW01 188

Then it's Oscar's turn.

LambswoolW01 193

LambswoolW01 199

LambswoolW01 203

Unfortunately Oscar was afflicted with the same bony cheek disease that befell his sister Bianca. There's an app for that!

LambswoolW01 205

Ta-da! Oscar Lambswool is a 7-10-2-8-7 Libra interested in entertainment and toys. He gets his inappropriateness from his mother, his broodiness from his father, and his bad eyesight from both.

LambswoolW01 206

Hopefully Becca is sick from her pregnancy and not from George's cooking!

LambswoolW01 208

George cuts himself a nice, large piece of cake.

LambswoolW01 212

Aria Mason-Troubadour and Holly Goodacre wiggle to the music in the rec room.

LambswoolW01 216

I starting to get a Cindy Lou doesn't like of men vibe...

LambswoolW01 220

You're a little too late, ladies!

LambswoolW01 221

Tabitha Landgraab is too cute with Puff The Pink Dragon!

LambswoolW01 223


LambswoolW01 225

Aiden Biltmore, after taking Faith's lead, scarfs down Zod's Meow Chow. He might be addicted.

LambswoolW01 227

Piper Mason-Troubadour shows off her mad xylophone skills.

LambswoolW01 228

Gia's makeover will have to wait. (But, I mean, nothing can top the cool band uniform she's currently sporting!)

LambswoolW01 230

Poem Mason-Troubadour is trying to figure out how her Jack Skellingbear got over here!

LambswoolW01 232

Kendrick leads the toddler dance party!

LambswoolW01 242


LambswoolW01 244

LambswoolW01 246

In the middle of the party, Henry is potty trained!

LambswoolW01 249

Dawn: I've got some juicy gossip about your boss *giggles*.

Heaven: Oooh, tell me!

LambswoolW01 251

Dawn: He was fired on his FIRST DAY!

LambswoolW01 253

Heaven: *gigglesnort* He's such a goober!


LambswoolW01 255

LambswoolW01 256

Oscar carries on the Lambswool tradition of children eating their toys.

LambswoolW01 268

Zod: Who dis? And why is she EATING MY MEOW CHOW!!!???

LambswoolW01 272

LambswoolW01 273

LambswoolW01 276

Like always, some of the guests don't want to leave!

LambswoolW01 275

Angie: George and Dawn still owe me §120 for babysitting!

OK, OK, they'll pay you... eventually...

LambswoolW01 277

Bianca and Gavin Biltmore huggle! ^_^

LambswoolW01 278

LambswoolW01 280

Oscar finds his OTH wiggling in front of the stereo.

LambswoolW01 287

George heads out to work...

LambswoolW01 291

and Dawn cleans up after these nasty guests.

LambswoolW01 299

Gianna finally wakes up and gets a makeover! Gia is a 7-8-2-8-7 Capricorn who is highly interested in the paranormal. She's family-oriented like her Ma, and ambitious like her Pa. Of course she has to wear glasses like every other Lambswool but Gia's are more stylish!

LambswoolW01 301

Dawn kicks out the remaining stragglers...

LambswoolW01 306

LambswoolW01 308

then sits down for a cuppa.

LambswoolW01 309

Oh boy! I can't wait for Spring when these guys age up!!

LambswoolW01 315

LambswoolW01 318

GO HOME CINDY LOU! At least she's being helpful?

LambswoolW01 324

Gianna joins her siblings in their love for scribbling.

LambswoolW01 327

Zod: If only I could capture these utensils! Then they would all bow down to me... or die!

LambswoolW01 331

LambswoolW01 332

LambswoolW01 333

George goes straight to bed after work.

LambswoolW01 349

LambswoolW01 350

Bianca is potty trained!!!!!

LambswoolW01 351

LambswoolW01 357

Wednesday, Day 17

"You're Not Being Helpful"

LambswoolW01 002

Dawn stays up late cleaning.

LambswoolW01 004

I don't think that's an appropriate show for you Antonio!

LambswoolW01 007


LambswoolW01 012

As Dawn finally goes to bed...

LambswoolW01 013

George wakes up.

LambswoolW01 016

LambswoolW01 022

The grape vines are getting taller!

LambswoolW01 027

LambswoolW01 037

After tending the grapes, George heads inside for piano practice.

LambswoolW01 046

LambswoolW01 047

Bianca will end up being the brain surgeon or the rocket scientist of the family. Mark my words.

LambswoolW01 049

LambswoolW01 057

LambswoolW01 059

LambswoolW01 062

Dawn takes a minute to gab with Heaven on the phone. The two have become fast friends!

LambswoolW01 064

LambswoolW01 067

LambswoolW01 068

LambswoolW01 071

Once piano practice is over George makes a beeline to his wife for kisses.

LambswoolW01 077

O-M-G!!! Can we please get a family for Cindy Lou so she will stop pestering everyone else's?

LambswoolW01 078

George prepares an autumn salad for lunch... in the winter.

LambswoolW01 080

LambswoolW01 081

Dawn returns to making quilted squares.

LambswoolW01 087

George just did all of that! Now you're just over-watering. YOU'RE NOT BEING HELPFUL!!

LambswoolW01 088

LambswoolW01 089

LambswoolW01 093

During lunch Miss I-Want-To-Have-10-Kids brooches the subject with George. George, however, insists he has a 24 pack of non-baby-making soda that he has to use before it goes bad. I guess that means no more babies for you two!

LambswoolW01 098

Zod: *dreams* There are no strings to hold me down, to make me sad, to make me frown...

LambswoolW01 103

LambswoolW01 104

LambswoolW01 105


Yes! Technically Antonio is the oldest of the toddlers but because of my rotation he won't be the first to transition to child. :(

LambswoolW01 108

LambswoolW01 109

George finally sits down and writes a check out to Angie for babysitting back-pay.

LambswoolW01 110

LambswoolW01 112

LambswoolW01 115

LambswoolW01 122

The Lambswools added another potty chair in the basement in the hopes of potty training the last two kids as fast as the others.

LambswoolW01 126

LambswoolW01 128

LambswoolW01 130

LambswoolW01 132

Thank you for reading!!! ^.^


  • After throwing a mini-fit regarding how long it would take Dawn to get a bronze badge I figured out (with the help some very nice simmers) that my Harder Skills mod was also affecting the sewing badge. Now that it's out she should be able to earn them at a normal pace. Hopefully she'll receive the gold badge sometime in the next sim year -- the town desperately needs a clothing store!
  • I had a little glitch where aging wasn't happening. I had to change their ages in SimPe so that the twins could age up properly.


Next time on The Oceanside Project...

LambswoolW01 134

Zod: Now is the perfect time to attack the mini humans!

LambswoolW01 135

Zod: You'd better learn how to run...


Current Music: Legal Tender by The B-52s
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Simlili: Nina[personal profile] simlili on August 23rd, 2016 07:55 am (UTC)
Bloody hell, I can't believe the update ended without Dawn acquiring the bronze badge! After I saw on tumblr you had identified the source of the issue, I thought the poor sim had seen the last of the damn things. Next time, hopefully.

The fault in our potholders, though XD

Anyway, I'd like to borrow that copy of Oceanside Today. Not saying that you're not doing a great job keeping us informed about what's been going on in Oceanside, but, clearly, Beckett Graham's reviews are the real thing^^

Lol at Rocky's lunch at the Crimson Crab XD Isn't it great when the thought bubbles cooperate.
Obviously, Rocky, these people are not taking you seriously enough. You need to send a MESSAGE. Someone has to die. Lose a limb at the very least.

Oh and I always forget to ask, are all those sleeping toddlers just passed out, or is it a hack that lets them sleep anywhere?
Can't wait to see them all age to children either, simchildren are so fun.

Awesome update, as usual!
Darkest Dawn[personal profile] darkestdawn on August 23rd, 2016 02:51 pm (UTC)
I actually played through all of the households earlier this year and I'm just now getting to post the updates so I still had the Harder Skills mod in during this round. It wasn't until I was editing the pictures that I decided to investigate why it was taking so long. So, hopefully, Dawn will get the bronze in Spring!

Beckett Graham don't care. He does what he wants! Everyone will fall to their knees to get a good review from him.

Yes, I think Rocky is going to need to go to extreme measures to show these sims who's boss...

Sleeping Toddlers: I use the toddler blanket and an invisible recolor so it looks like they're sleeping on regular rugs -- because my sims can't be bothered to put their kids in their actual cribs XD.

Thank you Lili!!
Simlili: Bill Murray[personal profile] simlili on August 23rd, 2016 08:27 pm (UTC)
Oh, so that's the secret! Thanks. They look really cute (and comfy) sleeping on rugs like that.