21 November 2015 @ 05:52 pm


Let them eat cake!


Baked Bakery & Cakery ('cause that's a word) owned by new resident and former Culinary hobbyist Paragon Barrett is located on Oceanside Blvd nestled between Diego's Dance Academy and Healey Potter.

OC-Baked 005

OC-Baked 006

OC-Baked 007

The front exterior has outdoor seating for sims who want to eat their baguettes the sunshine.

1st Floor Interior

OC-Baked 009

Baked is the premiere spot in Oceanside to buy wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and other scrumptious pastries.

OC-Baked 026

OC-Baked 014

OC-Baked 032

OC-Baked 031

OC-Baked 030

OC-Baked 022

*So that's where Sadie bought Flour Sack Baby from!*

OC-Baked 018

The kitchen is where the baking magic happens.

OC-Baked 019

OC-Baked 020

Just some of the delectable edibles cooling off.

OC-Baked 023

OC-Baked 053

OC-Baked 054

2nd Floor Interior

OC-Baked 034

Upstairs has more seating, the restroom, and a photo booth.

OC-Baked 036

OC-Baked 037

OC-Baked 039


OC-Baked 001

Side View

OC-Baked 002


OC-Baked 003

Other side


OC-Baked 045

First floor

OC-Baked 046

Second Floor

Notes: My Pinterest has images of my inspirations for Paragon's bakery.

Credits: Veranka's Deliciously Indulgent Bakery.

Hafi's repositoried version of Wood For Sims' bakery.

Thanks for stopping by! ^.^

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